Caught in a head space somewhere between the garage and the ocean, Dives creates contemplative, shoeg-gazy dream pop. He crafts dreamy, underwater tunes that seem to slip away from the constant murmur of Sydney life and find zen. 'Fresh Air' is a reflective, dream-pop anthem that explores the isolation and guilt an individual can experience with anxiety and depression.

Video shot, directed and edited by Genevieve French (Bedrock Collective)

Projection/Visuals by Alex Stevenson (Zender Bender)

Official music video for our late 2015 single 'You Just Don't Know It Yet'! 


Director: Genevieve French

Camera: Dylan Boscolo, Anas Ahammed & Genevieve French

Editor: Emma Stanley

The Femme and The Agent. Who will reign supreme? Official Music Video for "Secret Agent Man" by Jackie Brown Jnr

Directed by Genevieve French

Edited by Tabitha Yelos

Shot on location in Los Angeles, California by students of UCLA Film School

Official music video for 'Sauvignon Bogan' by Jackie Brown Jr

Shot totally on location in the USA

Created by Genevieve French

Bedrock Collective x Yeah The Girls x Merindah Funnell bring you 'Come Together'

Come Together aims to bring a special focus on the community in Redfern, First Nations and POC creatives as well as fem*le-identifying and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Merindah Funnell, a proud Wiradjuri woman and artist has collaborated with us to be the Aboriginal curator for Come Together. In this session Maggie from Yeah the Girls interviews Zeadala about her childhood and finding a sense of place.

Zeadala performs a live acoustic version of her song "My Mother" in the Bedrock backyard.

Interview by Maggie Meronea

Filmed and Edited by Genevieve French